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Weekly Vegetable Basket

You Receive Weekly Basket of Produce
Cost $15 per week
Additional Savings Food storage quantities and extra vegetables at no added cost
Special Perks
  • First of crop, last of crop, best of crop
  • Crops that I don't take to market
  • Relationship with and loyalty from your farmer

Sign up for one of my weekly plans and receive a weekly basket of vegetables. The amount and variety of vegetables varies every week. By signing up for a family plan you share with me in the risks and benefits of farming. Early in the season the basket may be sparse. Later on a rich abundance is expected which aught to more than compensate for the sparse weeks.

Family plan members have my highest allegience: You get my first of season vegetables before anyone else. And if there is just a tiny bit of your favorite crop left I will save it for you. If you have a favorite variety I may try growing it for you.

Tomatoes, peppers, summer squash, winter squash, beets, sweet corn, onions, potatoes, carrots, watermelon, and cucumbers are expected in quantity for winter storage. For family plan members there is no additional charge for storage quantities, though I may ask you to provide the labor to pick green beans, peas, or tiny cucumbers.

You may pick up produce at the Paradise farmer's market, or at my fields, or by appointment. I will also deliver produce to your home for a small fee. ($2 in Paradise, Avon, and Hyrum. $5 in Nibley, Wellsville, and Mendon. $12 in Logan, Providence, and Millville.)

July 28th (A sparse week)

September 15th (A generous week)

I like coins with honest value and will give a discount for payment in copper, nickel, silver, or gold coins.

Penny 1982 and earlier $5 face value = Weekly Family Plan
Nickel Any year $10 face value = Weekly Family Plan
Silver Dimes & Quarters 1964 and earlier $0.50 face value = Weekly Family Plan
Silver, 0.999 - 1 oz = 3 Weekly Family Plan
Gold - $5 face value (1/10 oz) = Family Plan for a year

Warm Regards,

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