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Major Life Modification


Twelve days ago, I finally left a long term dysfunctional relationship. It really sucks to just walk away, but I trust my therapist when he said  that it was the only way to deal successfully with this particular issue.

I departed precipitously. I choose to live a life full of gentleness, calm, and respect.

I managed to take most of the current seed inventory with me. I left behind a lot of older seed, and most of my garden tools, and all of my winter clothing and decent shoes. I'm biking these days. I sure feel fit. I'll really miss the greenhouse come spring. I'm not publishing a new telephone number for a few months, but those of you that like to call or text may request it via personal message.

Since it's a rain day, I'm working on taking inventory of what breeding projects and seed stashes I managed to take with me, and which are still growing in the garden, etc... The current harvests are safe for: squash, sweet corn, flour corn, watermelon, muskmelon, carrots, cucumbers, beans, favas, bok choi, garbanzos, fennel, wheat, sunroot, okra, tomatillos, peppers, and tobacco. I think that the popcorn project is set back a couple of years. I've been disliking that project anyway, because the phenotype for good popping ability is so fickle.

The true garlic seed project was severely impacted. The turnip rooted parsnip project is set back a couple years. Peas were close to a complete loss this year, mostly due to not being able to be in the garden enough as things went from bad to worse. I left behind a glorious vineyard, and the hazelnuts, walnuts, pears, apricots, and apples.

The tomatoes are doing fine... I made a lot of progress this summer, I just didn't get as many crosses made as I would have liked... I let the potato seedlings get overrun with weeds, but I'll still dig up the row to see if I can discover any tubers.

I grew lots of spinach seed this year, and made good progress on the storage onion project.

I feel great, other than the stress of making a major lifestyle change. I've been visiting friends and family that I wasn't previously able to visit very much. It's really nice to not have to spend every penny I make on buying gasoline to commute to the garden.  I've really been enjoying great food with lots of spices.

I am at the lowest weight that I have been in decades.

I got the greenhouse issue taken care of:


I am feeling great. My weight continues to drop. I continue to enjoy family, great friends, and wonderful food. Once in a while I talk with someone who went through something similar. Like me, they rejoice in the newfound peace and tranquility, and treat each day, and each friend, and each meal as a precious gift.

glad to hear your doing well. Finding peace and tranquility i believe is one of the most important things a person can do for ones health. It's not always easy to find, but necessary.


It's the one year anniversary of my new living arrangements. I feel great. People are telling me that I look great. My garden has been cared for really well. One of my long-time friends says, "This is the the best garden you have ever grown." I agree with her.  My weight is down 60 pounds from my maximum weight. I'm hovering around the lowest weight that I have been in decades. It's easier to move. Phantom aches and pains are greatly diminished. I am rarely congested these days. I haven't had a cluster-headache for a year.

I'm eating a mostly paleo-like diet containing few grains.

I have really been enjoying visiting with friends and family. Every day of peace and tranquility seems like an excuse to celebrate life and the rich bounty that surrounds me.


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