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I have planted runner beans each year for the past 7 growing seasons. The first 4 years I got zero harvest from them. Three seasons ago, Holly from California sent me a landrace of runner bean seeds from her farm. I love her seeds, because even though she has a longer growing season, it shares my dry summers with low humidity.

Holly's  beans actually produced some viable seeds in 2013. The harvest was less than what went into the ground, and many plants produced nothing, but it was a good start.

In the 2014 growing season I replanted those seeds, and some other varieties. Unfortunately, I planted them in the sunflower row and the sunflowers way out competed the runner beans. But some managed to produce seeds.

In the 2015 growing season I planted a row of runner beans all by itself, and I kept them weeded perfectly. I put all of my seed into the ground. The remainder of Holly's original seed, and the survivors from the previous two generations, and all of my backup archive seeds. It was all or nothing... It turned out to be a good risk. Some of the plants have been flowering like crazy all summer without producing fruits. Some of the plants are loaded with seeds. Woo Hoo! My grandfather grew runner beans when I was a child. I have longed to do likewise.

Most of the plants have white flowers or scarlet flowers. A couple of them have bi-color flowers.

There are a lot of pollinators on them: Hummingbirds, bumblebees, honeybees.

Joseph Lofthouse:

Runner Bean that is mostly leaves:

Runner Bean that flowered like crazy but didn't set fruit:

Heavy Fruit set!!!

How is a runner bean different than a pole bean, or are they the same?


--- Quote from: Carol_A on 2016-January-31 11:31:39 AM ---How is a runner bean different than a pole bean, or are they the same?

--- End quote ---

I've only attempted to grow them once, but i may plant some again this year. Runner Beans are a separate species than the common bean. Phaseolus coccineus instead of the more common Phaseolus vulgaris. Runner beans are generally larger beans. Other than that i dont know much about them. One variety that has done well for me is the Four Corners Scarlet Runner Bean. It is slightly smaller than other runner beans i've seen.

Thanks, Keen.


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