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2016 Growing Season... General updates...


We kicked off the growing season in early March by having a garden party and planting 3 week old fava beans into the garden, a few days after the snow melted. We sang. We danced around a fire. We ate great food that was harvested last fall. We also started the spring harvests that day by digging sunroot tubers.

A few days later, I planted breadseeds, onions, garlic, peas, garbanzos, more favas, bok choi, and similar crops that like the cold weather.

The greenhouse is quickly filling up with warmer weather plants: Basil, tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, herbs, medicinals, etc... I'm pretty much only planting my own varieties of tomatoes, but if you are local, and have a favorite variety, and would like me to grow plants for you, get some seeds to me and I'll give them a try.

Because I foresee a need for a more localized and decentralized approach to health-care, I am focusing a lot of effort this year on learning how to grow and use medicinal herbs. I'm collaborating closely with the local medicine women, herbalists,  and shaman in choosing species, and developing varieties that may work here. In so doing, I am approximately doubling the number of species that I am stewarding to around 120 species. 

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Joseph, love to hear more about the medicinal herb project as it goes on.

Are those sweet potatoes I see in the bottom right of the first picture? Seed started? 


--- Quote from: reed on 2016-April-01 08:05:08 AM ---Joseph, love to hear more about the medicinal herb project as it goes on.

Are those sweet potatoes I see in the bottom right of the first picture? Seed started?

--- End quote ---

Reed: Yup. Those are sweet potatoes. Started from a tuber. I even grew the tuber last summer! I still haven't started the sweet potato seeds. Seems daunting... All the special tricks that are supposedly required for them to germinate. I think that I'll just plant them, and see what happens.

Here's what some of the medicinals looked like about two weeks ago. As the seeds germinate, and get big enough to handle, I am transplanting them to larger pots.


On October 26th, yesterday, I finished harvesting the fields, and tilled. They are ready for winter!

Before snow-cover arrives, I want to plant a few winter-hardy crops like garlic, rye, wheat.

It was a great growing season. My cowpea and tepary bean landraces finally matured this growing season. I'm very happy with them. Since it was the international year of the pulse, I also grew fenugreek and lentils for the first time. The lentils did wonderful. They were a grocery store variety. Not yet a landrace, but at least I can grow them. The fenugreek made some seed, but didn't prosper being transplanted. The runner beans did well. I even found a few with tuberous roots! The common beans thrived.

I'm very content with the new flour corn I selected from the out of the hybrid swarm of North/South varieties. I'm calling it Unity Flour Corn.

I grew a patch of squash which were interspecies hybrids between mixta and moschata squash.  I'm really loving those. It would be nice to move the orange color and better taste of the moschata squash into the cushaws.

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Yellow mustard spice and breadseeds thrived.


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