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I currently have onion seedlings ready for sale.

I'll bring them to the farmer's market with me starting in May. You can get them sooner than that by visiting me at the greenhouse. They can be planted any time from now till about the first of June. They are my landrace variety, so they have been selected to grow wonderfully in this area. I have spent a lot of effort in selecting for onions that store for a long time on the shelf in a warm/dry room.

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Tomatoes that I expect to have ready for opening day of the farmer's market on May 7th...

They consist of 3 sets of plants to be sold as six packs of mixed varieties. There  is one duplicate between the sets, so getting all three will give you 17 different varieties of tomatoes! I have trialed hundreds of varieties of tomatoes over the past 7 growing seasons. These represent the best that I have found for growing in my Cache Valley garden without fertilizers, compost, or -cides. They are mostly smallish tomatoes, so that they can actually have a chance to ripen in spite of the cold-climate and short-season. I tasted every fruit before saving seeds from it. No cardboard tomatoes here!

--- Earliest Red Tomatoes ---
Fern-leaved: A determinate slicer. My earliest slicer.
Brad: A potato leaved indeterminate saladette. Typically my earliest tomato.
Jagodka: A very early saladette. My most productive tomato.
DXX-M: An early determinate from a cross between Jagodka and DX52-12.
Matina: An early determinate saladette.
Early Slicers: From my landrace.

--- Yellow/Orange Tomatoes ---
HX-9: A determinate with early extra large bicolor red/yellow fruits.
Sun4: An indeterminate orange slicer.
Large Yellow: Big determinate with large yellow fruits.
WildX Orange: An indeterminate orange cherry tomato
HX7B: An indeterminate medium sized yellow tomato.
Yellow Pear: Indeterminate. Very productive.

--- Mixed Sampler ---
HX-13: Highly productive smallish red slicer.
Wild X5: The tastiest tomato in my garden last year. Saladette.
Landrace: Could be anything from around 200 varieties...
HX-3: Large yellow/red bi-color determinate.
Brad: Typically my earliest tomato. Red saladette. indeterminate. The only duplicated variety between the 3 sets.
Sun2: An orange cherry tomato

I expect to have some larger plants available as well of the earliest varieties...

Here's what the earliest batch looked like last night.


The tomatoes for the farmer's market are coming along nicely.


I've been making packets of seeds to sell at the farmer's market.

Pricing will be $1 per packet, with "Buy 5, Get 2 Free".

Available varieties are listed on my seed list.

I'm also expecting to bring seeds from my breeding projects, and unlisted varieties of tomatoes.

You've mentioned the mixed tomato plants are a top seller at your farmers market. Curious to know what other things are highly sought after by the people in your area and what things your hoping to produce if you dont currently do or better if you already do. I guess tomatoes would fall under that category.

A quick google search for top sellers in general seem to be Potted plants, eggs, homemade soap, jams, honey, herbs, etc. Perhaps homemade zucini bread would be a hit for your customers. (and i have a soap recipie from a 1950's banned chemistry book if your interested. Lavender or other herbally soaps would probably go down well).


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