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Title: 2015-10-09
Post by: joseph on 2015-October-09 08:46:47 PM

This week is squash week!!!!

I'm bringing a truck overflowing with winter storage squash.. And pricing is great... $2 per squash, or buy a crate of them loaded to the gills for $10... Economically, it makes best sense to buy large squash by the each, and to fill the crate with smaller squash. These squash will keep until spring if kept in a dry place. The buttercup squash are my favorite, and a customer favorite, so I'll throw a couple into each crate but they are otherwise not part of the crate pricing deal.

There are only two more markets, so it's a great time to load up!

I'm also bringing gourds and pumpkins.

We have honey in pint jars and 5 gallon buckets. Wax is gone for the season.

We're also bringing apples,  tomatillos, dry soup beans, tobacco, onions, planting garlic, and maybe a few other things...