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Title: Saving Corn Seed
Post by: couloir007 on 2016-August-29 03:05:33 PM
I have searched this topic, and I guess I need to let the corn dry on the stalk. So my question is, how does one determine wich ears to save from a taste point of view? How can I do a taste test if I need to leave in place? Can I not pick an ear, cut a quarter length off, eat some and let the other dry?

Thank you.
Title: Re: Saving Corn Seed
Post by: joseph on 2016-August-29 03:37:12 PM
corn seeds are viable by the fresh eating stage, even if they are not yet fully mature, so you could pick and taste cobs then dry out any that taste great to save for seed.

I taste sweet corn by chopping off an end of the cob with a pair of secateurs (or more dangerously with a knife)... I can taste it a number of times during a growing season. It looks like this after a few tastes. Also, corn plants often produce multiple cobs per plant.