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My Varieties -- Descriptions & Grow Reports / Big Hill
« on: 2019-September-22 01:43:06 PM »
Finally grew Big Hill for the first time this year. Since I planted tomatoes late I got my fist ripe tomato this year. Taste was great  :) . I will be adding this variety to my must grow list from now on. This one is a keeper. Did well for me this year. Very productive.

Think Joseph sent me 4 seeds of F3 generation [Fern x S. habrochaites] cross. Only one seed germinated and made it to an adult plant. That plant had industrial / domestic small closed flowers. It did not produce any fruit until late in the season, but i did get some seed.

I do not know if this as because of Self-Incompatibility or what. If so, it is possible all the seeds produced late in the season are crosses with other wild and interspecies hybrids grown in my garden nearby.


Keen101 had asked a question about my goals, and I overwrote his text with my reply. I'll post my reply in a following post.

A bit late for a grow report :) , but i'm excitedly awaiting this years grow out. I got at least one good looking red pod in 2015, so i expect at least a few good looking ones this season. Too bad the pods were too precious to taste, but once seed can be bulked up that can be fixed. This one was the star of the show:

this pod had some neat looking partially red pods, but the pods looked rather leathery to me:

So did these ones, but they show nice contrast with the light:

Joseph, are there an crops that you are particularly interested in gaining more diversity?

From what i can tell you are looking for more and better shelling peas, early dwarf peas, and various dry beans. Anything else i should keep an eye out for?

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