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Landrace Gardening Blog / Saving Corn Seed
« on: 2016-August-29 03:05:33 PM »
I have searched this topic, and I guess I need to let the corn dry on the stalk. So my question is, how does one determine wich ears to save from a taste point of view? How can I do a taste test if I need to leave in place? Can I not pick an ear, cut a quarter length off, eat some and let the other dry?

Thank you.

Landrace Gardening Blog / Re: Summer Squash Seed Saving
« on: 2016-August-15 09:30:00 AM »
Thank you. I have 1 large one now, a few small on the way. Given how fast they get big, I should get at least a few. I have 4 of your plants going, and I'd like to get seeds from at least one fruit per plant.

Landrace Gardening Blog / Summer Squash Seed Saving
« on: 2016-August-15 05:56:24 AM »
I have harvest seeds from large squash, Joseph's landrace variety, but when dried they are shriveled up raisins, or soft. They don't look right. Do I need to wait longer? Should I ferment them for a few days like other seeds?


I have comfrey seeds I collected last year from plants I started from seed and have survived two zone 3 winters. Each winter the low temperatures were at least -30, and the ground froze at least 4'-5' deep. I can send you half of what I have, 10-15 seeds. I'd like some of your musk melons and winter squash seeds if you still have any available. I can send postage with the comfrey seeds.

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