Author Topic: Landrace Gardening: Promiscuously Pollinated Tomatoes  (Read 5358 times)


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Landrace Gardening: Promiscuously Pollinated Tomatoes
« on: 2017-January-24 06:47:34 PM »

Keen101 had asked a question about my goals, and I overwrote his text with my reply. I'll post my reply in a following post.

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Re: Landrace Gardening: Promiscuously Pollinated Tomatoes
« Reply #1 on: 2017-February-15 09:29:36 PM »
My goals and understanding have definitely changed over the years. At first I thought that I could grab the genetics I wanted from domestic tomatoes. Then I discovered the wide variety of promiscuous traits that are available in the wild tomato genome. Then since I am already bringing in some traits from wild tomatoes, I might as well try to bring in other traits like better taste, frost tolerance, disease resistance, etc...

Some of the promiscuous hybrids that are currently growing in my bedroom window are 7 way crosses. I'm currently 3 to 5 generations into this project so I'm expecting good things for this growing season.

So far, the genetics that have been incorporated from the wild plants is very narrow. Eventually, I'll want to incorporate a wide variety of wild genetics. I expect to do most of that work after I get the self-incompatibility trait stabilized.