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My Deliberate choice to use it's.

Philosophical reasons for my use of the word it's as a possessive pronoun in English.

I have deliberately decided to use the word it's as a possessive pronoun in my writings. I do not use its. In the hope that other people will make a similar decision I am setting forth my reasoning as follows: So there it is... Think of me as an uneducated hick if you'd like. My influence is only 1 in a billion on this issue, but I've taken my stance, and I hope other people will do likewise. Next time a self-appointed language cop harasses you about improper use of it's, go ahead and tell them that you have made a deliberate decision, at least in your own life, to actively change an outdated rule that doesn't make sense, and that you are working democratically to change the rules of English for the benefit of your great grandchildren. It might not take that long. When was the last time you googled something?

p.s. To dictionary editors and publishers. It's time for you to do your job properly in regards to posessive it's vs its and to document how language is currently being used. You should be calling this a "common usage" and not a "common error". By their writings, the common person on the Internet in the modern day English writing world has declared that it's as a possessive is proper usage. I claim it is your duty as dictionary publishers and editors to acknowledge the common usage. If you really can't overcome your schooling, then at least describe it as an "ethnolect". The traditional use is close to death anyway. Why shouldn't it be our generation that finally gets rid of this abberation? For example, see's

“The truth of the matter is that these supposed ‘rules’ were never really ‘rules’ to begin with.” Has Internet usage changed our English? Article | February 21, 2011 | By Emily Cegielski |

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Food Freedom

In May 2018, Utah's Food Freedom law went into effect. It basically says that people can make/sell food to each other for home use, as long as the buyer is told that it wasn't inspected by the government, and that the seller discloses if their kitchen handles common allergens. Home produced rabbit and chicken meat were included, but not pork, or beef. Raw milk has wierd rules.

What this means in practical terms, is that it is now legal for us to make food at home and sell it to each other without government interference.

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