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U-pick Produce

You Receive
  • The freshest produce possible.
  • Crops that I don't pick for market due to workload.
  • 50% discount if you take everything you pick.
  • Free if you leave half of what you pick for me.
Crops Available
  • Peas, snap beans, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, canning tomatoes, pickling cucumbers.
  • Other crops may be available by request.
Special Perks
  • Relationship with and loyalty from your farmer.
  • The satisfaction of hard work and knowing where your food came from.

I offer great pricing on u-pick vegetables. Let me know, even in the middle of winter, if you'd like to come pick them yourself. I'll plant accordingly, and put you on my list of people to contact when they get ready.

Every year I turn away many people who want large quantities of tiny things for canning, (peas, beans, strawberries, etc). I just can't charge a high enough price to compensate myself adequately for the labor to pick them. With my newly acquired two acres of land, I will be planting these in large quantities. They will be available at a huge discount to those who are willing to provide the labor to pick them. I'm even offering the vegetables for free. How can I do that? If you are willing to pick to my 'fussy' standards (setting the produce into the basket gently, and tossing aside anything that is damaged) and leave half of what you pick for me, the remaining half is yours for free! Or you can pick only what you want and receive a 50% discount.

Small quantities of hard to pick items are included in the weekly plans. Preserving quantities are available to plan members if you come pick them yourself.

Would you like to make a significant contribution to your local food pantry? Are you looking for more variety for your side-yard produce stand? Just want to have healthier food to eat? This is a great opportunity to get fresh healthy produce in exchange for your labor.

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